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Living Beyond Breast Cancer - Knowledge is power: Understanding Black breast cancer

Bala Cynwyd, PA (September 8, 2020) This fall, Living Beyond Breast Cancer launches a new program titled Knowledge is power: Understanding Black breast cancer, in partnership with Tigerlily Foundation and TOUCH, the Black Breast Cancer Alliance. This webinar series beginning October 1 will empower Black people diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers with the practical knowledge to get the best care possible, to engage with their health care teams and to engage in advocacy work to shrink the significant health disparities that exist.

“Black people diagnosed with breast cancer face unique challenges throughout their diagnoses,” says CEO Jean Sachs. “Despite increased ‘breast cancer awareness’ among the public, issues of systemic racism, access to high-quality care, genetic differences, and other factors have caused dramatic disparities: Death rates are 40 percent higher among Black women than white women. The Knowledge is Power series is designed for people who are newly diagnosed with early-stage or with metastatic breast cancer.”

The new Knowledge is power series will address disparities through live, virtual educational and support sessions and video content with oncologists, social workers, advocates, and researchers. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of breast cancer basics, how to identify implicit and explicit biases in their care, and how to impact positive change to reduce disparities.

The live workshops take place on the following dates:

Thursday, Oct. 1, 7:00 p.m. (ET) | Breaking down barriers: Getting the care you deserve

In this session, you will learn more about strategies that you can use to get the care you deserve as a Black person diagnosed with breast cancer. Our speakers will share how breast cancer is experienced differently by Black people due to structural racism, access to quality healthcare, comorbidities, and community access to supportive care and clinical trials.

Thursday, Oct. 8, 7:00 p.m. (ET) | Living Beyond: Early-stage Black breast cancer & me This session will focus on early-stage Black breast cancer, from testing and subtypes through treatment options. The speaker will address side effects that are common for Black people and ways to manage them. We will share supportive programs and resources that can help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually navigate a breast cancer diagnosis, and will discuss the role of clinical trials in early-stage breast cancer care.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 7:00 p.m. (ET) | Living Beyond: Metastatic Black breast cancer & me This session will focus on metastatic Black breast cancer, addressing treatment and testing options, research updates, and clinical trials available. We will review strategies for living with uncertainty and accessing the support you need through resources and programs to help you live well with metastatic breast cancer.

Saturday, Oct. 24, 3:00 p.m. (ET) | Advocating for change in Black breast cancer care In this keynote session during Wellness & Wisdom: The Living Beyond Breast Cancer Conference, you will hear from a dynamic panel who will discuss how health disparities and inequalities are impacting Black people diagnosed with breast cancer. The panel will discuss the role that research, nonprofit organizations, policymakers, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies have in creating positive change. Learn how the broader breast cancer community can impact change and close the gap in health outcomes for Black people diagnosed with breast cancer.

More information can be found at

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to create a world that understands there is more than one way to have breast cancer. To fulfill its mission of providing trusted information and a community of support to those impacted by the disease, Living Beyond Breast Cancer offers on-demand emotional, practical and evidence-based content.

Nearly 30 years since its inception, the organization remains committed to creating a culture of

acceptance—where sharing the diversity of the lived experience of breast cancer fosters self- advocacy and hope. For more information, visit LBBC.ORG or call (855) 807-6386.

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