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Be Well

Be Well is designed to improve the lives of minority women in our community by teaching them the importance of nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and preventative care. The program will include an initial risk assessment, access to weekly workshops, and a personalized meal and exercise plan. 

Workshops Include:


·       Making Healthier Meal Choices (2 Classes)

o   Helping women to better understand the importance of overall nutrition and how to make better choices at the table. These workshops will provide a general overview of the role of nutrition, healthy recipes, healthy cooking methods, and the basics to understanding calorie intake.

·       Reducing Stress with Yoga & Meditation (2 Classes)

o   Our current wellness partners will teach participants the art of yoga and meditation. Women will learn simple stretches and relaxation techniques. 

·       Understanding Preventative Screenings

o   Understanding the importance of preventative health screenings and what to expect at an appointment, as well as tips and helpful financial resources.

·       Reducing Your Risks

o   An introduction to breast cancer and how simple lifestyle changes may reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

·       Staying Active is Easy

o   Learn how to increase activity at any stage of life. Participants will learn the importance of physical activity and develop an activity action plan for success.

·       Understanding Your Numbers

o   We will discuss the importance of understanding vitals, how these measurements can help healthcare teams in assessing your general physical health, ways to improve your numbers, and tips for taking your vitals at home.

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