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Terra = Land and Mar = Sea.

We chose a name that reflects our land and water-based therapies. We are a drug-free wellness center focused on preventative and restorative health solutions. Our goal is to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you need relaxation, reduced muscle tension, relief from chronic pain, or just need to talk to someone - our team is here for you. We offer a variety of therapies to enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Call 678-664-1441 to learn more and to schedule services. 

Your Melody Yoga

Your Melody Yoga is designed to enhance the practice of yoga YOUR way. The intention is to teach and lead poses with an awareness of clients' physical ability and adjust them so they can receive the highest benefit. Our teaching method is instructional and once the poses are aligned the client may move into any dynamic flow and use props as needed. Once alignment and breath are learned it can really help deepen your yoga practice and avoid injury. Your Melody Yoga serves your body as it is today. Everybody is unique and your mobility today could be different from how you'll move tomorrow.

Hawt Mess Yoga

Hawt Mess Yoga provides you a variety of options to begin, or continue following your yoga practice. Our knowledge of body mechanics and years of hands-on experience allows us to cue precise corrections during each class and help you work on alignment, advancements, or to tailor something to address any pre-existing injuries. Learn more...

Farmers Market Veggie Enchiladas

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Normal business hours don't always work for breast cancer patients or families in need. So please call or email us (below) any time. Include your name, contact info and need.
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