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What's in a Story?

Encouragement. Strength. Joy. Experience. Hope. Hope for the journey ahead of you. That's why stories are important. We connect with people of all walks of life who have also traveled where we've been. When we share our stories, we see that breast cancer strikes with no thought or care of what's going on in our lives or who we are. We also start to see common threads among ourselves - strength, wisdom, determination. Hope for your journey can grow by knowing that the women and men at HFTJ have walked in your shoes. So go ahead: scroll down for inspiration. You can also visit our Blog for more stories and facts!

Founder: Rose Holley

At 43, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a moment in which fear came upon my mind, body and spirit. With three sons, a husband and our ministry, I did not have time for cancer in my life. After a journey of diagnosis, surgery and recovery, my life was changed forever.


Today, I am cancer free, but my journey is only beginning. During my battle with cancer, it became very evident that God’s desire for me was to get involved and help others. In 2009, I started Hope for the Journey with our sincere desire to help families in West Georgia.

I will continue to fight and help those facing breast cancer. I will never lose hope. I will keep fighting for the generations to come.

                                            Rose Holley

Survivor: Aries Alan

At 26, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her doctors started treatment immediately. During her fight, she strengthened her faith. Aries appreciates the love and support Hope for the Journey provides women. Watch the video to learn more about Aries experience.

HOPE  260 (2).JPG

Volunteer: Gail Walker

October 9, 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember clearly what came to my mind: “All is well.’’ I had to really look beyond the problem and believe what I felt in my spirit that God was with me. After four months of treatments I was cancer free. I met Rosie Holley, founder and president of Hope for the Journey. I was moved by the foundation's vision and started attending the support group. On December 19, 2011, I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer. H4TJ  helped a lot during both encounters with breast cancer. They not only provided counseling for my peace of mind but encouragement for the soul and friends to lean on. H4TJ also helped financially with some bills I needed assistance with.  I’m now equipped with knowledge to help others. Since becoming part of Hope for the Journey, I've recruited others to join the fight.


Donor: Carroll EMC Impact Grant 2022

Hope for the Journey appreciates the continued support from Carroll EMC. This grant provides the gift of hope and support for breast cancer patients and survivors in our community. Thank you Carroll EMC for valuing the work we do!

Donor: Carroll EMC Impact Grant 2015

Hope for the Journey appreciates every donor who helps give the gifts of hope and support for breast cancer patients and survivors. The Carroll EMC Impact Grant has given us the capability to serve more people in our community. Thank you Carroll EMC for valuing the work we do!


Donor: Wal-Mart Foundation

The Wal-Mart Foundation gives millions of dollars neighborhoods around the country each year. Hope for the Journey is proud to be a recipient of the Community Service grant. Thank you Wal-Mart Foundation for giving back to the community that supports you!

Donor: Community Foundation

Gifts to Hope for the Journey come in all shapes and sizes and every gift is appreciated.  We are blessed that our community recognizes the impact of our services and continue to support us.  We would like to thank the following for your continued support:  Citizens of Georgia Power, Georgia Power Foundation, West Georgia Counseling,, Community Foundation of West Georgia, Carroll EMC Impact Grant, Jill Duncan State Farm, Power of the Purse Grant, Tanner Medical Center, Fred O'Neal: Edward Jones and the City of Carrollton.


All gifts to Hope for the Journey are committed to families of the West Georgia community. Hope for the Journey is a 501 c(3) not for profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible.  Thank you for your gift!


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