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$5,000 Donation from Sugar Foods!

On Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Villa Rica, Georgia, Sugar Foods hosted their first annual Fun Run/Walk & Road Race to raise financial support for community charities. Hope for the Journey would like to extend a very appreciative 'thank you' to Sugar Foods for the $5,000 donation we received from their first event! We'd also like to express our sincere appreciation to the community of Sugar Foods and the community at large for supporting this event. Without you, the event wouldn't have raised the funds that made the Sugar Foods donation possible!

The event was very organized and catered to beginning and seasoned runners as well as those wishing to walk. The weather could not have been better as we all lined up to run or walk the 5K course. We hope to participate and help Sugar Foods raise awareness and participation of this event next year. Thanks again to Sugar Foods for their amazing generosity!

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