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Learning About Breast Cancer

The best way to affect the outcome for yourself and your loved ones is to learn all you can about breast cancer: what causes it to develop, what are treatment options, what are the stages, etc. Hope for the Journey wants to be a resource you can turn to for support in all areas of your journey - information and education being one of them. Below we've listed a few websites that will help guide you as you seek direction. We'll be adding more resources and links as we find them, so come back often! 


Breast Cancer Types

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (video)

Mayo Clinic


National Breast

Susan G. Komen


Breast Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (video)

Susan G. Komen (Treatment by stage)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

National Breast

Tanner Medical Center (Carrollton, Georgia)


Myths About Breast Cancer: Know the truth!

National Breast


National Breast Cancer Coalition (31 Myths & Truths!)








News Anchors & Survivors

Robin Roberts and Amy Robach


Breast cancer can affect anyone, no matter their station or situation in life. News celebrities Robin Roberts and Amy Robach gather in this video to talk about their experiences and where they are today. Experience their emotions and steps in their journey in this very touching video.


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