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$115,000 Granted So Far - Community Foundation West Georgia COVID-19 Fund

Dear Friends of the Community Foundation of West Georgia, We realize that you as a donor do not give to us, but through us. You donate because you see the Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals. Thank you for the trust you have shown in us. The Community Foundation makes a difference in our community every day, but never more than the current COVID19-pandemic. When the pandemic reached our community, the Foundation moved quickly to establish the COVID-19 response Fund. Because of generous donors like you, our neighbors are receiving the help they need. You have provided food, shelter, medical care and other things in partnership with at least 20 nonprofit organizations. These organizations and their volunteers are working tirelessly to address the unprecedented needs they are experiencing. Through the Foundation’s communications and our experience in working with local nonprofits, we are uniquely positioned in determining the most pressing needs and placing funds where they can most strategically meet those needs. The Foundation is in a unique position to facilitate ways for local nonprofits to exchange ideas, share information about changing needs and resources, and develop ways to meet our neighbors’ needs, such as weekly Zoom calls. Your donations have made this response possible.



Did you wonder why the Community Foundation of West Georgia's COVID-19 Response Fund provided a grant for the purchase of a pre-paid phones? Partners Advancing Student Success, Inc. (PASS), which focuses on improving student success by providing support and services, asked for the grant to help ensure the safety and well-being of students who feel school is their only safe place. Since schools closed, they sometimes live in homes that put them at risk with no means of communicating with their PASS advocates like Hannah Yates. She works with children who live in deep poverty and who are sometimes homeless. One high school student she serves lives in a room in a chicken house and had no means to communicate with her until he received a phone.

"This young man is a special needs student who realizes he needs a high school diploma. Through incredible challenges he passed all his classes and has pushed through," Yates said. "That telephone has changed our relationship as for the first time in his life he has someone there for him. He calls me every day."


Nonprofit Thank-You to the COVID-19 Fund!

To learn more about the Community Foundation of West Georgia and to give, click here.

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